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Great selection of rock, progressive rock and metal vinyls at unbeatable prices in store!
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SemiramisLocanda Della FateGongTangerine DreamLe OrmeMarillionAmon DuulKing CrimsonPorcupine Tree
Angel WitchBathoryBehemothHiraxIron AngelLiving DeathManilla RoadSatanTherion

We also order your special requests, if available, on vinyl or CD!

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***VERY IMORTANT : Please take note that the prices on the website are no longer valid. Also, the website DOES NOT REFLECT the state of our stocks.
Many items are discontinued. Just contact us for more informations.

Concerts :

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New titles :

- Vinyl -

A Farm Of StarsAnthraxDioNina SimoneSystem of a DownWithin Temptation


A farm of stars - Beware the sword you cannot see (Metal)
A farm of stars - Grave mounds and grave mistakes (Metal)
A farm of stars - A shadowplay of yesterdays (Metal)
Amaranthe - Helix (Color+Download) (Metal)
Angelus apatrida - Cabaret de la guillotine (Metal)
Anthrax - State of euphoria (Metal)
Behemoth - I loved you at your darkest (Metal)
Beyond creation - Algorythm (Black) (Metal)
Beyond creation - Algorythm (Colored) (Metal)
Brainstorm - Midnight ghost (Colored) (Metal)
Cradle of filth - Darkly darkly venus aversa (Metal)
Dio - Dream evil (Metal)
Dio - Lock up the wolves (Metal)
Entombed - Left hand path (Metal)
Helrunar - Vanitas Vanitatvm (Metal)
Kevin ayers - Joy of a toy (LTD) (Prog)
Madder mortem - Marrow (Metal)
Morgen agren - Batterie deluxe (Prog)
Necronomicon - Unleashed bastards (Metal)
Nina simone - Folksy nina (Pop)
Saga - So good so far (Rock)
Saga - Live at rock of ages (Rock)
Shining (Nor.) - Animal (Metal)
System of a down - Debut album (Metal)
System of a down - Steal this album (Metal)
System of a down - Toxicity (Metal)
System of a down - Mezmerize (Metal)
Tangerine dream - Miracle miles (OST) (Rock)
Within temptation - Enter (Colored) (Metal)
Within temptation - The dance (Colored) (Metal)
XTC - Apple venus volume I (Pop)
XTC - Apple venus volume I (Wasp star) (Pop)
XTC - Skylarking (Wasp star) (Pop)

- Metal -

BehemothBeyond CreationMadder MortemNecronomiconThe LustWhyzdom


Behemoth - I loved you at your darkest (Death/Black)
Beyond creation - Algorythm (Technical death/Prog)
Black majesty - The 10 years royal collection (2CD) (Power)
Brainstorm - Midnight ghost (CD+DVD DGB) (Power/Prog)
Disturbed - Evolution (Metal)
Feto in fetus - From blessing to violence (Death/Grind)
Madder mortem - Marrow (Melodic dark/Metal)
Mouthing the offal - Transgender defunct (Death)
Necronomicon - Unleashed bastards (Thrash)
The lust - Karmalove (Gothic/Atmos)
Whyzdom - As time turns to dust (DGP) (Metal/Gothic/Symph)

Black MajestyHelrunarKingcrowMasquedNeophobiaWolfheart


Black majesty - Children of the abyss (Power)
Cenotaph - Perverse dehumanized dysfunctions (Death)
Flesh consumed - Hymn for the leeches (Death)
Helrunar - Vanitas vanitatvm (Black)
Horrendous - Idol (DGP) (Death/Prog)
Kingcrow - The persistence (Prog-metal/Rock)
Masqued - The light in the dark (Metal/Symph)
Neophobia - Monstermind (Metal/Symph)
Pig destroyer - Head cage (Grind)
Wolfheart - Constellation of the black light (DGP) (Melodic black)

BrainstormHigh On FireIn MutePromethean MiseryRevocationDali Thundering Concept


Blood of christ - Anthology IV - unrelenting declivity of anguish (Death)
Brainstorm - Midnight ghost (Power/Prog)
High on fire - Electric messiah (Doom/Stoner)
In mute - Gea (Melodic death)
Perverted dexterity - Spiritual awakening (Death)
Promethean misery - Tied up with strings (Doom/Atmos)
Revocation - The outer ones (technical death/Thrash)
The dali thundering concept - Savages (Metal)
The loved and lost - Drag me down (Melodic metal)

Animae SilentesSilent SagaThe Lions DaughterTotalselfhatredWitchcraft


Animae silentes - Suffocated (Gothic)
Silent saga - Rise! (Symph/Power)
The lion's daughter - Future cult (Prog/Sludge/Black)
Totalselfhatred - Solitude (Black)
Witchcraft - Cinema (DGP) (Gothic/Prog)

CollibusDeicideGrave DiggerHarvest TimeShadowriseVoivod


Collibus - Trusting the illusion (Prog-metal)
Deicide - Overtures of blasphemy (Death)
Doro - Forever warriors (Rock/Metal)
Dragonlord - Dominion (Melodic black)
Grave digger - The living dead (DGP) (Power/Heavy)
Harvest time - To rise tomorrow the sun (Metal/Symph)
Metal allegiance - Volume II - power drunk majesty (DGP) (Thrash/Groove)
Monstrosity - The passage of existence (DGP) (Death)
Pyrexia - Unholy requiem (Death)
Shadowrise - S/T (DGP) (Power/Symph)
Voïvod - The wake (Cyber/Metal/Rock/Psych)

- Progressive Rock -

Glass HammerHawkwind


Glass hammer - Chronomonaut
Hawkwind - Road to utopia



Blackfield - Open mind - the best of blackfield



Nosound - Allow yourself
Riverside - Wasteland
Riverside - Wasteland (DGB)

AtavismoBig Big TrainCrippled Black Phoenix


Atavismo - Valdeinfierno
Big big train - Merchants of light (2CD DGB)
Crippled black phoenix - Great escape (DGP)

PhideauxPineapple Thief


Phideaux - Infernal
Pineapple thief - Dissolution